sa pa clouds.

Sa Pa clouds



Still shaking from my first asian train experience i arrived in Lao Cao. I can’t report anything exiting about a town i couldn’t really see. One reason was that i could hardly open my eyes as tired as i was…the other reason was that i was pretty frustrated. It poured down like there’s no tomorrow.  So i left the train as i entered it….soaked by vietnamese rain. The only difference was the temperature. While Hanois air  was sticky hot i got a cool breeze when i arrived finally Sa Pa after a 2h bus ride. Still pretty early i enjoyed a ca phe at the hotel and focussed on my optimism that was somewhere hidden behind all the clouds.

After an hour i got rewarded by this spectacular view from the hotel terrace. And it would get even better during my trekking tour through the surroundings of Sa Pa.


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