The concept amateur is french and is derived from the latin word “amator”. This stands for “lover, devoted friend, follower and eager pursuer”. I´m an amateur. With passion..and i hope i will remain it.

I love photography and everything about it. Travelling, taking time, waiting for the right moment, capturing it, carrying it home, uploading it on my computer and doing the post processing.
With a little help i was able to create this place for people who don’t know my work yet….or know it and enjoy seeing it all together at one place. I put together an excerpt of photos i took during the last couple of years.


I was born in Germany but for the last 10 years i’m based in Catalunya, Spain.
My pictures are taken from all places in the world i’ve been so far…



Although i´m a perfectionist (in progress) i tend to find beauty, irony and a particular feeling in the imperfection of daily life.
I truly believe that a good picture is created firstly in the mind, not by the equipment you use. So there are many ways to get there. But for those of you that are interested in the technicalities, i’ve listed the photographic equipment i’m working with:


Canon 7d
Tamron 18-270mm
Canon 50mm
lensbaby composer pro
Edge 80 optic
fujifilm x10
yashica MAT 124G
Minolta XG-M
haehnel 40lite tripod
B+W ND filter
phone camera


In any case i´m glad that you found your way to my space here and hope you´ll find what you were looking for.
Please feel free to contact me for any kind of questions.

take care.


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  1. by Philippe Graton on January 23, 2014  2:53 pm Reply

    Beautiful work, especialy on Hamburg.
    I'm very touched by the way you approach photography, and live it (and love it, an a true "amateur" indeed).
    Keep on the good work, and the passion alive.


    • by julia on February 24, 2014  8:43 am Reply

      Thank you very much Philippe :-)

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