• carcassonne.

  • According to a legend, a prince besieged the city of Carcassonne. The siege held until the residents almost starved. However, the prince had not counted on the snazzy chatelaine Madame Carcas: she decided to fatten the last pig and, after it had become fat, to throw it over the castle wall. The besiegers, exhausted and[...]
  • the nun experience

  • the nun experience. There are some experiences for a photographer you get incredibly grateful. Grateful for the beauty you´re thrown in, grateful for the spirit kicking in, grateful for everything you are or will be. Fullstop.             [...]
  • hamburg icons

  • I recently visited my birth place Hamburg to visit my family. It's always nice to come back there. Many places are very familiar, others are in a constant change....ready to be rediscovered. I took a little series of phone shots to catch my personal Hamburg icons.     This is the top of the St[...]
  • correbous.

  • The summertime at the catalonian coast usually means plenty of tourists....and also a bunch of traditional events during the local festivals. Last week i showed some fireruns (correfocs)....this week i documented some bullsruns (correbous). Even though they banned the bullfights a couple of years ago, the correbous [...]
  • correfoc.

  •       correfoc - night of the devils.   Once a year the catalan people are going nuts. Ok, probably not only once a year, but this event is probably the most spectacular. The "correfoc"  (= fire-runs) is part of the festa major, a party where the towns and villages are celebrating[...]