• toothpick smile.

  •     More portraits....more smiles. I think i've never shot that many smiling faces ever in my life. And i don't think i could ever get bored of that. I met this beautiful lady at the market of Bac Ha. It may be one of the most touristy market in this area...but still full of gems. I hope you e[...]
  • haircut.

  • Travelling in the tropics/subtropics are kindof a challenge when you´re not used to it. Up to  38°C (100F) with 80-100% humidity outside, down to 17-20°C (62-68F) inside of a hotel/bus/train... You know what this humidity makes with curly hair? It makes you look like a poodle standing in the rain for hours. Luck[...]
  • flower hmong II

  •     I met this lady at the famous sunday market of Bac Ha. Unfortunately another person i couldn't really talk to due language difficulties. Hmong people are maintaining their culture. Not only in their clothing but also in their traditions, and in particular their languages. To make it short...i[...]
  • water buffalo.

  •     After crossing hmong people, rice farmer, a little pig and milky puddles in the rice terraces, a water buffalo crossed my way on the track. It makes kindof a difference if you see it grazing far away on a fielt somewhere or just passing an arm length away from you. It's huge!!! Water buffalos[...]