According to a legend, a prince besieged the city of Carcassonne. The siege held until the residents almost starved. However, the prince had not counted on the snazzy chatelaine Madame Carcas: she decided to fatten the last pig and, after it had become fat, to throw it over the castle wall. The besiegers, exhausted and hungry, thought at the sight of a fat pig that it probably had to be a whole lot of food in the Castle if they already threw it over the wall, and returned home. A confidant of Charles then said, “Madame Carcas sonne”, which means “Madame Carcassonne has rung.” So the name of the city became Carcassonne.   Château dans le ciel   carcassonne 2   carcassonne 1   peeking moon   helena, square gambetta, carcassonne

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