The summertime at the catalonian coast usually means plenty of tourists….and also a bunch of traditional events during the local festivals. Last week i showed some fireruns (correfocs)….this week i documented some bullsruns (correbous).

Even though they banned the bullfights a couple of years ago, the correbous is still allowed. The correbous in this area are kindof an initiation rite for young adults. Young bulls are put in a little arena and some youngsters (or wannabe youngsters) are showing off their ability and courage. The animals are not intend to be killed or injured.


correbous 1



correbous 2



correbous 3



correbous 4



correbous 5



correbous 6



correbous 7



correbous 8



correbous 9



correbous 10 reloaded




  1. by Andy Lee on August 17, 2013  4:10 pm Reply

    Fantastic series of images Julia, please never stop sharing your work, as far as I'm concerned your just getting better and better!
    thank you very much for sharing.

    • by julia on August 17, 2013  4:38 pm Reply

      Thanks a lot Andy :-))

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