a smile is a smile is a smile.

When i ask people on the street to get a portrait, they often shake their head….or they ask me a million questions…like why i do want it….what for i do want it…etc. They often get scared by the big cam i am carrying. In Vietnam it was rather a subject of curiosity. I don’t speak much more vietnamese than saying “hello” or ordering a coffee, beer or a noodle soup.  So a smile a gestures for my part had to do the job. Most people i “asked” set themselves in a pose with a smile like this one without much asking.

This guy was the boy of our busdriver in Hanoi. The boy took care about us having a cold water and helped us in and out the bus. Unfortunately i forgot his name…but not his smile. Thanks for that. A smile is the joker. In any case :-)



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