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I recently visited my birth place Hamburg to visit my family. It’s always nice to come back there. Many places are very familiar, others are in a constant change….ready to be rediscovered.

I took a little series of phone shots to catch my personal Hamburg icons.




This is the top of the St. Michaelis curch, better known with its nickname “Michel”. I think it’s the best known landmark in Hamburg. I only went up there once a couple of years ago. Many many step to get there….but the view is worth it.




Actually you get an even better view over the city from the “Fernsehturm” (Heinrich-Hertz-Turm, also called “Telemichel”), but since a couple of years the observation platform and restaurant is closed.


hamburger meile


Probably not the most famous nor most beautiful buildings in Hamburg. But i grew up near these “Mundsburg-Tuerme”, so they always told me i’m almost home. They are also the end/beginning of Hamburgs longest shoppingmall, which has been  totally rebuilt only few years ago.




For me there’s no better way to move forwards and backwards than the “U-Bahn”, the Hamburg underground (even though most of it is above ground).




I really like the Planetarium in Hamburg. It can be found right in the middle of the “Stadtpark”, one of the numerous green areas in the city.  Never hurts making a little trip to the moon and the stars :-)

Oh and the building is interesting as well….it was built in a former water tower.





There are loads of museums in Hamburg, but the one i always like to come back is definitely the Museum of arts and crafts (“Museum fuer Kunst und Gewerbe”). They always have an interesting variety of different exhibitions in there. Currently there are showing photographs of Steve McCurry and loads of ancient and contemporary music instruments.




What’s Hamburg without its port? It’s the largest port in Germany (that’s why they call it “Gate to the world”) and the second largest in Europe.




The “Pegelturm” (water level tower) at the St. Pauli Landing Stages. There is a water level indicator built into the wall, which gives the current condition of the tides.




Best way to discover the huge port is to do a little boat trip. I strongly recommend a trip in one of the little old “Barkassen” (barges) since the captains are mostly very interesting Hamburg characters that have a lot to tell about the port and its history (with the very special black humor). I crossed loads of massive container ships with tons and tons of stuff. The Cosco was one of the biggest and most impressive ones.




The “Elbphilharmonie” (Elbe Philharmonic Hall), right in the new quarter of Hamburg, the “HafenCity” is the newest and for sure the most discussed icon of Hamburg. Built on a former warehouse for coffee and cocoa. Once estimated with a cost of 200 million Euros they already spent about 500 millions…but rumors tells that once finished (probably in 2017) it should have eaten up about 800 millions of tax money. It looks quite impressive though :-)




I can’t visit Hamburg without enjoying the local culinary specialties. If you’re considering a visit in Hamburg you should make sure to try “Labskaus” (  “Franzbroetchen” ( and “Krabbenbroetchen” (shrimp role/bun) Ah man….i’m getting hungry again!!



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