rice farmer.

rice farmer



“Luck is like having a rice dumpling fly into your mouth”

This is a saying i heard during my trip throughsomewhere….can’t remember where. It came into my mind while doing the pp of this portrait.

I was aware of knowing how much work it is to cultivate rice. Most of it is very hard physical work. In the flatter south they started using machines to reap…in the highlands they are lucky if they have a water buffalo to plow the soaked ground before they place every single seedling manually.

I was so fascinated by this hard working man that was standing knee deep in the mud….and at the same time i felt like a guilty, spoilt rich tourist. I often have these split emotions. I can’t get rid of it. I showed him my camera….asked with hand and feet if it was ok to make a picture of him. Firstly he wasn’t thrilled by that idea….but  i begged a little and he let me take some shots. I still think he just wanted me to pass by as quick as possible….but at least i got a very shy smile. Not in this photo though.

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