water buffalo.

water buffalo



After crossing hmong people, rice farmer, a little pig and milky puddles in the rice terraces, a water buffalo crossed my way on the track. It makes kindof a difference if you see it grazing far away on a fielt somewhere or just passing an arm length away from you. It’s huge!!!

Water buffalos are part of the life in many parts of Asia….but there are hardly any wild water buffalos found. In Vietnam and Laos all of them are domesticated and a big help in cultivating rice. One of the Hmong women that escorted me, ¬†told me about a man that has a water buffalo as a blind leader instead of a dog. The very thought of him taking a water buffalo with him when he goes shopping at the next market made me smile. Unfortunately i couldn’t find any english information in the net about that fella. But i came across a german article of a german charity that published an article. Let it translate from google translator if you’re interested.


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