I would like to introduce you to Xia. I hope i spelled her name correctly (because she couldn’t tell me about it). She was one of these ladies that accompanied me through the beautiful valley in Lai Chau you see in the back of this picture. She has 2 kids and a husband to feed, so every early morning she let her uncle drive her to Sa Pa with a motorbike, looking for some tourists she could be the guide for. When she pointed someone interested going for a trekking tour she starts conversation with him/her and tried to give them kindof a “friendship bracelet”…somehow a promise not to savour the company of one of the other ladies and a “contract” to buy some handmade stuff from her. She didn’t left my side for approximately 6 hours.

Thank you Xia :-)

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  1. by julia on July 5, 2013  4:16 pm Reply

    Thank you so much Jeronimo :-)
    I appreciate your warm words a lot :-)

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